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Devlog November 3, 2021

November 03, 2021

Lots of progress the past 2 months! All the new content for Alpha 3 is done, and now I’m working on the long tail of balance and polish. Here’s a quick summary of whats new:

  • Absorbers: A new building that can “store” a laser shot for later
  • Shield Generators: Another new building that uses a lot of power to protect your buildings, but it also blocks your own lasers!
  • Improved Laser Graphics: Lasers glow and pulse while aiming, and flash when you shoot
  • Less Random Enemy Waves: This especially effects the early days, which could be swing wildly with the RNG
  • Visible Farm Growth: This helps you see your progress, but also comes with a small gameplay change: when enemies attack farms, they destroy the growth but leave the field itself intact
  • Move Fast on Roads: The player character now benefits from roads! Previously only your colonists did
  • Buildable Tents: You now have control over tent placement. No more will your plans be ruined when a colonist decides to pitch a tent in a critical location!
  • And lots of other bug fixes and usability improvements!

Take a look at the new graphics (and the fast roads): laser

The release of Alpha 3 is in sight, but I still have lots of balance and usability improvements to do. Plan is to release around the New Year!

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