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Devlog September 2, 2021

September 02, 2021

This month mostly got derailed by a home search (spoiler alert: next month will be derailed by moving), but I still got a decent amount done:

  • Map Variety: there are now 6 types of maps: standard, marsh, badlands, plains, lakes, and mesa! For now, one of those is selected randomly, but for release there will be a menu to choose your map type. Marsh and badlands in particular should make for some challenging base building.
  • Longer-lasting Reflectors: New players are often confused by reflector/projector range. To help make that clearer, instead of immediately disappearing, reflectors that are out of range will stay for one turn and flash.
  • Stronger Walls: Slight buff to walls, which can now take 3 hits instead of 2.
  • Big Updates Under the Covers: Updated basically all of the build tools and 3rd party libraries, for a smoother development workflow. The optimized builds are broken currently, so I’ll a little more to do here before release.

Here’s a screenshot of the maps: maps

And a gif of the reflectors: reflector

I’m moving next month, so I don’t expect to get a whole lot done. Next up are the absorber and shield generator buildings, which will finish off the new content for Alpha 3. Hopefully I can get those done. Then it’s a lot of balance, tweaks, and UI.

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