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Reflector Devlog 2

October 18, 2019

This week I finished up all the mechanics and game systems I want for the initial version. I’ll probably spend most of next week on some UX improvements before transitioning into balance changes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Walls are stronger now. They turn into damaged walls when hit instead of being destroyed right away. walls
  • Random map generation with three types of terrain

    • Mountains block all movement and are indestructible
    • Water also blocks movement but your lasers can shoot over them
    • Ore doesn’t affect movement but can be mined either manually or by mines (which must now be built on ore terrain instead of anywhere) map
  • Building now takes a turn (placing reflectors does not)
  • Added new action to remove all reflectors
  • Added new action to manually mine (if next to ore)
  • Trying out a new color palette
  • Rendering of reflecting and splitting lasers, instead of only the straight parts. It now looks much more satisfying when you have complex laser shenanigans. lasers

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