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Reflector Devlog 16

February 07, 2020

My main task this week was the interface for setting job priorities. Since I’m going to be overhauling the entire UI, I decided to start introducing some of the technologies I’m planning on using for that. For now, things are a messy mix of the new and the old. Here’s the current job priority UI:

Job Priority UI

Changes this week:

  • Changed lasers so they can shoot over low things such as colonists and farms
  • Added ability to remove buildings (except occupied houses)
  • Added a basic projector, with a shorter range than the normal projector
  • Set up tailwindcss for future style overhaul
  • Initial implementation of job priority UI (colonists currently ignore job priority)

Next up:

  • Make colonists respect job priorities
  • Add ability to disable jobs for individual buildings
  • Add advanced splitter
  • Add greenhouse
  • Add mining spot (less efficient than mine but free to build)
  • Remove mining action (manually mining vs building a mine has been a source of confusion)

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