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Annoucing Reflector: Laser Defense

October 04, 2019

In Reflector: Laser Defense you’ll be in charge of developing and defending a colony on a hostile planet. You’ll have no army though; just yourself and your laser gun.

Planned Features:

  • Classic roguelike turn-based grid-based gameplay where you directly control only one person
  • Manipulate laser beams with reflectors and splitters to make the most of each shot
  • Base building and resouce management
  • An ever-growing population that presents its own challenges
  • Mine and manufacture resources to support your settlement

This is not a full or final list. We’ll see where the future brings us. But enough about plans. What do I have now?

Reflector: Laser Defense is building off of Reflector RL, a 7DRL I made in March. Since then, I’ve refactored the code so that I have sturdier foundation. I’ve stripped out most of the content and added some of the core elements that will make up R:LD: enemy waves, a growing population, laser manipulation. It is technically a complete game right now, which you can win and lose, though it is extremely unbalanced. Next up I’ll be working on the building and resource mechanics and then balancing that to a minimal but hopefully fun state that I can iterate from.

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